Virtual Sessions

Distance healing allows you to have treatment in the comfort of your own home and also means you can be anywhere in the world and we can work together.

How do virtual sessions work?

Virtual sessions work on the principle that everything is energy and we are energy too.  Distance is not a factor and energy can be sent over any distance and received in the same way as if the person was in the room. 

For those of you interested in science, energetic healing makes sense if you understand the theories of quantum physics and that distance is not a factor when particles interact on an energetic level. 

“Einstein referred to quantum entanglement as “spooky action at a distance,” and it is one of the strangest phenomenon in quantum mechanics.

Put simply, when two particles are allowed to interact in close proximity, they influence each other’s basic properties, such as their spin, polarization, momentum, etc. When these particles are separated, a change to one particle results in a corresponding change to the other at the exact same time. No matter the distance, the particles are intimately connected in a way that has to be fully explained.

For example, when electron A interacts with electron B, one will take on an up-spin state, while the other takes on a down-spin state. Any change in the spin of one instantaneously affects the spin of the other, regardless of distance. In fact, researchers have demonstrated this between entangled particles separated by over 1,200 kilometers.”[1]


What happens in a virtual session?

I will set up a meeting using Skype or Zoom and if you are a new client, we will start with a case history.  We will discuss what is going on for you and set a positive goal to work towards in the session.  I will then ‘tune in’ to your energy and use muscle response testing on myself to get feedback from your body.


Each session will be unique to your needs.  You may need to rub or hold certain points on your body, you may need to eat certain foods or I may send energetic healing to you the same as would happen in a face to face session.  These corrections are designed to raise your energetic levels helping to bring your body back into balance which in turn will help you achieve your goal.

At the end of the session you may be given homework to further help you achieve your goal.



Both Skype and Zoom have advanced security relating to privacy.  Please see the links for more information.   Your sessions are never recorded.



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