Touch For Health

There are many different types of kinesiology which are all based on the ability to use muscle response testing.  I practice Touch For Health which is the most widely practiced kinesiology worldwide. 


Developed in the 1970’s Touch for Health draws on 50 years of development and integration of techniques in kinesiology and is based on the Chinese holistic view of health where the practitioner facilitates the body’s own healing by harmonising the individual’s energy through the acupuncture meridians.

The role of a Touch For Health kinesiologist is to empower people to promote and maintain their own health and wellbeing.  In a Touch For Health kinesiology session a positive goal is set at the start of each session and the client is encouraged to learn self help techniques which they can take away and use on an ongoing basis to help achieve their goals.

John Thie, the Founder of the Touch For Health kinesiology described Touch For Health as 'lighting a candle for others so they can find their way to better health and living.'  It is my hope that I can keep that candle alight and unlock the key to better health for all who come to see me.


The healing power of Touch For Health kinesiology