Relax with Lunar Relaxation

I am excited to launch my LUNAR RELAXATION treatment!

Lunar Relaxation is a blend of techniques drawing on reiki, kinesiology and indian head massage which are designed to calm the nervous system and aid restful sleep.

Benefits include:

- Calming the hypothalamus and nervous system - Taking the body out of 'fight or flight' mode - Reducing anxiety - Helping to align the body's natural circadian rhythms and energy systems - Inducing a deep state of relaxation - Promoting sleep

The treatment lasts 25 minutes and costs £30.

You don't need to muscle test for this treatment just lie back and relax.

Lunar Relaxation is lovely to have in the afternoon or the end of the day when you need something to calm you and allow your body to sleep well.

Please get in touch if you'd like to book an appointment.

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